Dinner Suit Hire Hereford

Do you have a formal event coming up? Perhaps you have to attend a business conference or a formal dinner party? Either way, you’re in desperate need of a nice suit that fits the occasion. At Bill Child Formal Wear, we’re a top provider of dinner suit hire in Hereford. No matter what formal event you must attend, we can help you find a great suit to wear.

Dinner Suit Hire In Hereford

Dinner suits are a staple in formal eveningwear attire. They differ from business suits and wedding suits, in that they’re more elegant and fitted. Not only that, but a traditional dinner suit includes a bowtie rather than a classic necktie. Another key feature of a dinner suit is a cummerbund, which is a sash that goes around your waist.


If you’re ever in need of a dinner suit, it makes more sense to hire rather than buy. If you hire, you will save a lot of money as it costs less than buying a full suit. Plus, you also get the benefit of being able to hire a different suit at every event. This way, you’re never that person who’s in the same suit no matter what formal event they attend. As a specialist in dinner suit hire in Hereford, we have a huge selection of suits for you to look at. They come in different colours and styles, meaning you can pick one that suits every occasion.


Perhaps you attend a formal dinner party that requires you to follow a dress code where you need to wear a certain colour? With our dinner suit hire service, you can choose any colour you need to fit any requirements. It’s a very simple and convenient service, and you will save a lot of money and time by hiring your dinner suits from us.

Our Dinner Suit Range

We have an extensive range of dinner suits for both men and boys. To start, we have a variety of dinner jackets that are perfect for every formal occasion. We take your measurements and fit you with a jacket that feels good and looks great. This ensures you feel more confident and comfortable when you’re out as you know the suit is fitted for your physique.


We tend to match our suit jackets with cummerbunds and bow ties. Traditionally, dinner suits are worn with just a black cummerbund and bow tie. We do supply traditionally dinner suits like this, but we also have so much more at our disposal. As a leading supplier of dinner suit hire in Hereford, we have a plethora of colourful cummerbunds and bow ties to choose from. You can match the colours together and really make your suit pop.


If you want to make your dinner suit even fancier, we do have a selection of colourful waistcoats available too. As well as this, we’re one of the only providers of dinner suit hire in Hereford that supplies special white tie and evening tails as well.

See Us Today To Hire Your Dinner Suit

If you want a dinner suit that looks great and makes you feel fantastic, you need to come and speak to us. Either ring us to talk about your options, or come directly into the store. We’ll start taking measurements and talk you through our stock to find the perfect dinner suit for you.