Highland Wear Hire Hereford

Dressing for formal events can always be a challenge. It’s likely most of you don’t have a wardrobe full of formal clothing that you can choose from when an event is around the corner. What’s more, different events may require slightly different formal dress codes. So, you can’t make do with just one suit for every occasion.


Luckily, at Bill Child Formal Wear, we have a huge selection of formal clothing for men and boys. This includes our highly popular array of Highland wear. In fact, we’re one of the only people that specialises in Highland wear hire in Hereford! If you’re in need of some interesting formal wear that makes a statement, our Highland wear collection is definitely for you.

Highland Wear Hire In Hereford

Highland wear is a very specific type of formal clothing that originates in Scotland. It involves wearing a typical suit jacket, shirt, and tie, but with a traditional kilt instead of regular suit trousers. This type of formal wear is very commonly worn by Scottish people at weddings. If you’ve recently been invited to a Scottish wedding, then it’s likely our Highland wear hire is a must for you.


Of course, this attire isn’t only for weddings. There are many people that dress like this for other formal events too. Furthermore, you don’t have to be Scottish to enjoy our Highland wear hire in Hereford. Anyone can create a formal event and set this as the dress code. Many people are choosing to do it as it’s a really fun way of switching things up.


Alternatively, you could wear Highland attire to any formal event of your choosing. If everyone else is wearing a typical suit, that doesn’t mean you have to conform. Why not stick out from the crowd and turn a few heads? You’ll be surprised at how liberating it feels wearing a kilt.

Vast Collection Of Highland Wear Hire In Hereford

By choosing us for Highland wear hire in Hereford, you’re granted with a huge choice. We've got so many different varieties that are suitable for different people and different occasions. The main part of a Highland outfit is the kilt. We’ve got plenty of tartans to choose from, ranging from a typical Scottish Spirit to a Welsh National, and even an Irish National too. There are plenty of patterns to choose from, it’s all up to you.


We also have lots of waistcoats that go perfectly well with Highland wear. Waistcoats are optional, but we strongly suggest you hire one as it can upgrade your outfit and make it look more traditional and formal.


Even our neckwear comes in various different colours that you can choose to spice up your outfit.

Hire Your Highland Wear Today

For great Highland wear hire in Hereford, contact us today. Come into our store at any time during the week, and we’ll get you fitted and show you some outfits that might tickle your fancy. You can also book appointments on Saturday if you’re not free during the week.


Our Highland wear brochure is available on our site for anyone that wants to look at what we have on offer as well.