Boys Formal Wear Hire Hereford

At Bill Child Formal Wear we have one of the largest collections of boys formal wear hire in Hereford. We’ve got everything you could possibly need to dress up your son for a formal occasion.


All of our boy's formal wear will be fitted before you hire. This ensures you get something that fits your child before you purchase it. As a result, you walk away as a very happy customer with a very smart looking son.

Affordable Boys Formal Wear Hire In Hereford

Shopping for boys formal wear can often be very tricky. To begin, it’s generally quite difficult to actually find formal clothes for boys. Then, you have to take into account the fact that boys can grow very quickly. So, if you buy them a suit for a wedding this summer, they could easily have grown out of it by the time another formal event comes around.


The average family doesn’t attend that many formal events each year. So, buying a suit for your son feels like a waste of money as they grow out of it or you don’t need them to wear it. This is why we offer boys formal wear hire in Hereford. We have a huge collection of outfits that are perfect for any formal occasion. They’re guaranteed to make your little boy look smart and follow the formal dress code. Not only that, but you can save a lot of money by hiring boys formal wear whenever you need it, rather than spending loads on the complete outfit that rarely gets worn.

Biggest Collection Of Boys Formal Wear In Hereford

It’s safe to say we have one of the biggest collections of boys formal wear hire in Hereford. More often than not, boys need to dress formally for weddings. These are the most common formal occasion that your family is going to attend. So, we have a range of suits, waistcoats, ties, and everything else you could possibly imagine that are suitable for weddings. What’s more, you could even match your little boy’s wedding suit to his fathers to make them look adorable.


We’ve also got a lot of formal suits that are perfect for boys to wear at fancy evening parties or formal events that your family attends. As well as this, we even have Highlandwear for boys too, if you’re attending a Scottish wedding and the dress code demands the guys wear a traditional kilt, we’ve got your son covered.

Hire Boys Formal Wear Today

Get in touch with us if you’re keen for excellent boys formal wear hire in Hereford. You can call us or email in to book an appointment or ask any questions. Alternatively, you can just turn up at our store during the week. Our staff will handle everything for you and start taking measurements of your son. This enables us to get their formal wear to the perfect size.


Our prices are extremely competitive, and you can view all of our boy's formal wear by looking at the relevant brochures on our site.