Formal Wear Hire Hereford

There are many occasions that demand you dress well and look very formal. Whether you’re looking for a wedding suit or some eveningwear, Bill Child Formal Wear has you covered. We’re the leading specialist in formal wear hire in Hereford, supplying numerous outfits to both men and boys.


If you have a special event to dress up for, then you’ve come to the right place.

Formal Wear Hire In Hereford

We have one of the biggest selections of formal wear hire in Hereford. There’s everything from waistcoats to neckwear and entire suits too. While we do have some made-to-order clothing that’s available to buy, our primary business is in formal wear hire.


Why hire your formal wear? Everyone will have an event now and then where they have to dress as nice as can be and might need a suit. The problem is, you might not have any need for that suit for a very long time. So, if you buy one, it can be a waste of money as you get very little use out of it. Plus, formal wear is very fitted, which means you can easily grow out of it. As a result, formal wear hire is the best bet. You don’t have to pay for an expensive piece of attire, you simply hire it for the evening and return it when you’re done. A simple and affordable way to look good!

Huge Selection Of Formal Wear Hire In Hereford

As mentioned, we have a huge selection of men’s and boy’s formal wear available to hire. This includes a variety of clothes that will be perfect for a wedding. Whether you’re a groomsman, altar boy, or just someone attending a friends wedding, we have everything you need to look the part.


Our wedding range includes plenty of lounge suits that come with jackets, shirts, trousers, and ties. We also supply a range of waistcoats if you want to add something extra to your attire. For those of you feeling fancier, we do have some stylish tailcoats for hire too. There’s even a tweed range for anyone that wants to make a bit of a formal statement.



While weddings are a very popular formal occasion, our formal wear hire in Hereford extends beyond that. We have a huge range of eveningwear outfits for you to choose from too. These outfits are perfect for formal business parties or any other event where you need to look elegant.


We even have a load of highland wear for you to hire too! Our highland wear outfits are a must-have for anyone attending a Scottish formal event that demands you dress in traditional Highland gear.

Hire Your Formal Wear Today

Contact us if you’re interested in formal wear hire in Hereford. You can come into our shop to speak with one of our knowledgeable members of staff, or you can phone/email with any questions.


Feel free to look through the brochures on our site to see some of the brilliant formal wear we have available for you!