Menswear Hereford

Bill Child Formal Wear are Hereford company specialising in the hire and sale of menswear for formal occasions. Since your wedding day is one of the most important and joyful days of your life you will want to make sure that everything is planned right down to the smallest detail, including the outfits for all the men in the bridal party. You can rely on Bill Child Formal Wear can supply all the menswear for your Hereford wedding on a for hire or for sale basis.

We aim to make the process of booking the menswear for your wedding as simple as possible. Prospective grooms should attend our Hereford showroom to choose their outfits and have their measurements taken. We usually recommend they also bring along the bride-to-be; after all, it wouldn’t do to choose something which didn’t meet with approval! Our inventory includes suits, tuxedos, morning and evening jackets, tailcoats, lounge suits, Edwardian jackets, waistcoats, neckwear, kilts, dinner jackets, Victorian frock coats, and many other styles of formal menswear, with a wide range of accessories. Most of these can be colour coordinated or toned with the outfits of the bride and her bridesmaids. Some of our customers choose to wear one outfit for the whole day while others prefer a range of outfits for the various events which make up the wedding.

The next task is for the customer to make a list of all the male members of the wedding party. They can then be asked to call in to our Hereford showroom to have the measurements taken. This usually takes only around 10 minutes. If any of your wedding party are not local we have an arrangement with a network of shops in various towns who can provide this service. We will call you three weeks before the wedding if any members of the party have not yet been in to have their measurements taken.

Payment for the hired outfits is by cash or credit card on the day of collection, there is no deposit taken. There is an additional charge of £5 per outfit if you wish to take out accidental damage insurance which covers things like food and drink spillages. Damage due to misuse is not covered. Once collected all the outfits should be tried on as quickly as possible as we require 48 hours notice for any alterations to be made. The outfits should be returned by noon on the first working day after the wedding.

Of course weddings are not the only events which require formal menswear. We can also supply everything you need for balls, film premieres, opening nights at theatres, business events, formal dinners, charity events and school proms. The architectural background of Hereford means it is full of venues which will add splendour and character to any planned event, making for an experience you and your party wont easily forget.

Bill Child Formal Wear can supply everything you need for your Hereford event. Please see our website for more details.