Kilt Hire Hereford

The kilt, traditionally worn by the Gaelic men and boys of the Scottish Highlands has become a popular choice of dress at Formal occasions, such as a wedding or occasions when it calls upon those present to honour fellowman or friends. Some may choose to wear a Scottish or Celtic kilt at festivals from the area they live in or visit. Still others wear it because they like the style.

If you have any Irish or Scottish heritage, it may be a nice touch to wear this attractive looking attire for a wedding. You and your groomsmen can hire all that is needed to make this event special, smart and sophisticated.

Kilts are usually made using tweed, and are traditionally woven using wool of a very high quality. This means that although the kilt can be quite an expensive piece of clothing, you are paying for high quality. No wonder it is used for special occasions such as a weddings. A better alternative therefore, when needing a kilt for a particular event, is to consider a hire purchase. In Hereford, there is a shop that stocks an extensive range of kilts and highland wear that will be sure to have exactly what you need and want.

Whatever reasons or occasion you have to hire a kilt, careful thought needs to be given to the pattern (tartan) or colour the kilt will be. Different tartans or clan patterns belong to certain groups of Scots and Celts. You may like the look of a certain pattern, but you may not want to give the wrong impression of being from a particular heritage or group. Some tartan patterns are for servicemen, who have served in the forces of some kind. This is an honouree kilt, that is designed especially for this purpose. Of course, there is nothing wrong with wearing traditional styles from a place or culture, even if you are not from that culture, but research must be done to ensure you hire the right kilt for you. The staff and owners of the Hereford based shop, Bill Child Formal Wear, has provided for many weddings and formal occasions, and in that time has gathered the information necessary to guide and advise you on which kilt you should hire, that is right for you.

Bill Child Formal Wear, Hereford, will take your measurements, so that the kilt you hire will be just the right fit. This is also an important aspect of kilt etiquette, as it allows for modesty and a generally smarter look.

Kilt accessories are also supplied with the hire garment. Items such as the sporran, buckle and belts, brooches and the kilt hose (socks) along with garters and flashes (usually resembling a tartan ribbon or lace).

For more information, visit the website where you can access our catalogues and see our kilt hire for yourself. Or you could visit the shop in Hereford and speak directly to the shop floor assistants and owners. Please visit