Wedding suits Hereford

Lace, gold or white gold, Ivory, pearl, organza, flowers, coattails, pocket handkerchiefs, and decorative waistcoats. What do all these items bring to mind? Sophistication, elegance, a sense of occasion? A wedding?

A white wedding is traditionally known as a western wedding, where the bride wears a white gown and the whole occasion denotes extravagance and splendour. The idea of a white wedding started when Queen Victoria wore a pure white garment when she married Prince Albert. Of course, a wedding can be anything you want it to be, and dresses and suits come in any style you can think of. But one thing is sure, whatever is worn, it usually marks the occasion as special.

There are a huge selection of suits available for the groomsmen as well. Some wear the traditional suits along with a buttonhole. Some choose to wear a more formal outfit, usually associated with such events as wedding, balls, opening nights and premiers. These choices include coattail suits, three piece suits that include a decorative and colourful waistcoat. You can even have tuxedo wedding suits for the men present at a wedding. A traditional choice, and rather attractive look is when the groomsmen where kilts and even some brides have worn full tartan dresses to match the style of the men’s suits.

If you live in Hereford and you are looking for a place to give you all the choice you could need to pick the perfect outfits and suits for your wedding, then look no further than Bill Childs Formal Wear, based right here in the heart of Hereford.

How does it work? Firstly you come into the shop to have a good look around, in order to give you a chance to get some ideas or, if you know exactly what you want (perhaps due to perusing our website at beforehand), to find the items you have chosen. Then, with support from the staff, you can pick out any extras or accessories you may wish to add. A list will be taken of all the men in your bridal party, so that we know who needs suits and what part they are to play in this special event. Measurements will then be taken of everyone present. If there are some from your group that aren’t able to attend at the same time, then do not worry, Bill Child Formal Wear of Hereford can make arrangements, liaising with your guests by either, arranging a more convenient time, or by contacting other shops that stock and provide the same brands and suits. We will then contact you with plenty of time before the big day, when your suits are ready to be picked up. This allows for time, if the suits need further adjustments.

So, with all this in mind, all you need now, is to gather your groomsmen together and enjoy the fun of getting your suits, for what will no doubt be one of the happiest days of your life.