Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the procedure?

A. First you come to the showroom together and take your time to choose an outfit that suits, often matching or toning with Bridesmaids or Bride. We then take the Groom''s measurements and take a note of all people who are part of the wedding party. They can then be told to call to have their measurements taken which only takes around ten minutes. They will wear what they try on. Three weeks before the wedding we will call you if any have not been in to give us ample time to get the suits organised.

Q. What if anybody in my wedding party is not local?

A. We are an independent hire shop that shares a supplier with Five Hundred other shops, through them we can find a measuring location closer to your wedding guests. Measurements are usually free as long as you make an appointment although busy weekend periods are best avoided.  

Q. Is there a deposit and when do we pay?

A. We take no deposit we just take one payment when the outfits are collected. If payment is by cash or debit/credit card we will take payment on the day but if you wish to pay by cheque, we need it 14 days before collection.

Q. When do we pick up the suits and when do they need to be returned?

A. The suits are usually available from the Tuesday before the event, we will ring you as soon they're ready to be collected. Try them on as soon as you can, we require forty eight hours notice to make any changes. We ask that you bring the suits back by noon on the next working day, during the busy summer period we may open outside of normal hours for returns.

Q. What happens if the outfits get damaged?

A. We provide an accidental damage cover against this at £5 per outfit. The accidental damage cover guards against things such as food & drink spillages, it doesn't cover non-return, damage due to neglect, or in our opinion inappropriate use e.g Rugby matches, fairground rides etc. 

Q. Can I park nearby?

A. For the purposes of picking up suits and returning, you can park right outside the shop. For fitting etc, there is on-street parking in front of the shop. There is also a pay and display car park within a few minutes walk.

Q. What is the etiquette regarding who wears what?

A. There is no particular etiquette as it is your day and you can do as you please. However, the most popular way of doing it is that anyone who sits at the top table at the reception or has a function during the cermony will usually wear the wedding suits.

Q. Does everyone wear the same?

A. This is down to personal choice but normally the entire party as mentioned above will wear the same outfits. It has become more popular recently for the groom and/or best man to wear a slightly different version of the outfit to make them stand out without looking like they have turned up at the wrong wedding!! An example of this is the groom wearing a morning suit with a waistcoat matching the rest of the party but wearing neckwear matching, say the bridesmaids' dresses with the rest of the party in neckwear matching the waistcoats. We can always give you sound advice when you come to choose.

Q. When do we need to order?

A. It can be as late as two weeks before the wedding! We keep our own stock so we can cater for last minute requirements. We usually recommend starting the process 6 months before to allow time for the party to get measured. We always check 3 weeks before and contact you if anyone is missing.

Q. Will you run out of suits?

A. In 23 years we have never done so. We use two major suppliers who have almost limitless stock. Our main supplier uses the same manufacturer as us so that the outfit you have tried and are happy with will still be the one you wear albeit from our supplier rather than our own stock. This only ever happens during the busy months but all the outfits will still be the same.